Draw a deep breath in the Tokachi plain... 

Toipirka Kitaobihiro Youth Hostel

The nearest hostel from OBIHIRO JR station

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The sky in Tokachi 
Fascinating and wide.
In the bitter cold winter,
even one quiet and deep breath 
holds the happiness of living on this land.
Come, realize how wide is 
The sky in Tokachi.

Nice to meet you, we are the Toipirka Youth Hostel.
What are your images of Hokkaido? Cold, large, or...? Whatever your images of Hokkaido,
Tokachi's wide land goes with the best of them. Facing the Pacific Ocean, we are proud of its often dry and clear weather. Especially in winter, just looking up at the clear blue sky would make our hearts clean. While traveling, you may look forward to tasty foods. 
Toipirka serves healthy meals cooked primarily from regional organic foods. Relax, enjoy the hearty meals and the fresh air of Tokachi! 
It will be our greatest pleasure.

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